2018 Tournament Schedule

DateNameDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Jan 13-14New Member MixerDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Feb 10-11President's CupDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Mar 10-11March 2-Day SatelliteDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Mar 17March 2-Man ScrambleDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Apr 03-04 ------ Aerification ------
Apr 14-15Max Leslie EclecticDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
May 08 ------ Semi-Annual Membership Meeting - Cancelled ------
May 19-20SCGA Four-BallDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Jun 09-10Senior Club ChampionshipDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Jul 07July Satellite Member-Guest or Member-MemberDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Jul 21-22John Ruedi MemorialDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Aug 01 ------ 1st Announcement of Dues Renewal ------
Aug 18-19Ron Yarbrough Member-Member ClassicDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Sep 01Labor Day Weekend SatelliteDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Sep 15-16Club Championship (Scratch)DescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Sep 15-16Club Championship (Net Flights)DescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Sep 30 ------ Deadline for 2019 Regular Renewals ------
Oct 09-10 ------ Aerification ------
Oct 20-21Board of GovernorsDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Oct 31 ------ Deadline for 2019 Late Renewals ------
Nov 03November SatelliteDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Nov 13 ------ Semi-Annual Membership Meeting ------
Nov 17-18Savvy HuffmanDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin
Dec 09Past Presidents' MemorialDescriptionScoresChitsPoolClosest to Pin