Club Championship

  • The Championship flight welcomes any player with a handicap less than 9 to compete. To qualify as Club Champion, a player must have played in at least three tournament days since the previous year's Club Championship OR play on one of the CMGC Golf teams with at least three matches AND attended one of the last two General Membership meetings. Players will play with 0 handicap and play from the blue tees.
  • Non-championship format: 2-Day Individual Low Net Stroke Play
  • 3 or 4 Flights
  • Handicap: 100% of your GHIN. Some members may play from the Green Tees.
  • Ties will be resolved by card-off.
  • Pro shop credit will be awarded on net results to approximately 40% of each flight.
  • Closest to hole wins $25 in chits.

The Usual Details