Savvy Huffman

  • Format: Saturday - Better Ball of Partners
  • Format: Sunday - Pinehurst Scoring (Hit, Switch, Pick: Alternate then Hole Out)
  • Handicap: Saturday 90% of the lower of SCGA or your Local Handicap.
  • Handicap: Sunday team handicap is 50% of low handicap player and 20% of high handicap player using lower of SCGA or your Local Handicap.
  • Maximum handicap differential between players is 8 strokes, larger differentials will be adjusted down. Members 80 and older will play from the Green Tees. Their playing handicaps will be adjusted based on Decision 3-5/1 of Section 3-5 of the USGA Handicap Manual from their index on the Green Tee chart then reduced by 2 (rounded from 1.9) due to the difference in the rating between the White Tees and Green Tees.
  • 4 Flights
  • Ties will be resolved by card-off.
  • Pro shop credit will be awarded on net result to approximately 40% of each flight.
  • Closest to hole prizes on par 3's each day.
  • Local no Tournament posting Saturday.

The Usual Details

  • Entry fee: $30 per person
  • Optional Players Pool: $0 per person payable at check-in -- cash only
  • Tournament Director: Joe Preimesberger; phone/text: