Have Not Paid Yearly Dues

Once you pay via Pay Pal you will automatically be listed on the paid list. If you pay your renewal by check, however, you will not be listed automatically on the paid list. We have to make a manual entry to show online who has paid by check, and we will only do this manual update once or twice. If your bank indicates your check has been cashed you will know your payment has been received.

Arwine, William
Baker, Jon
Bowden, Steve
Brough, Sandy
Bryant, David
Busk, Albert
Campbell, Robert
Cleary, Philip
Clements, Neal
Corriere Jr., Paul
Elhoff, David
Falstrup, Steve
Fisher, Charles
Hale, John
Jorgensen, Stan
Kalla, Matt
Kemp, Gene
Kusen, Thomas
Logsdon, Dana
Luther, Robert
Lynch, Jamie
Malone, Gary
McCarville, Patrick
Oppenheimer, Michael
Porter, John
Reynolds, Richard
Seltun, Nick
Spane, Robert
Spradling, Gary
Stone, Mike
Turner, Theodore
Walsh, Lance
Watson, David
Watson, Matthew
Winder, Patrick
Wright, Richard