Have Not Pay Yearly Dues

Once you pay via Pay Pal you will automatically be listed on the paid list. If you pay your renewal by check, however, you will not be listed automatically on the paid list. We have to make a manual entry to show online who has paid by check, and we will only do this manual update once or twice. If your bank indicates your check has been cashed you will know your payment has been received.

Arwine, William
Barbieri, Michael
Bishop, Bob
Bradshaw, Michael
Burns, Dominic
Byrd, Paul
Conery, Tom
Darnell, Scott
Delgado, Dennis
Dossett, James
Dunn, Jim
Elbert, David
Fasel, Michael
Garson, Robert
Garvey, Jim
Giles, Robert
Gilliland, Rob
Gregg, Steve
Havey, Brian
Jewell, Stuart
Lanman, George
McGrath, Leon
Mendez, Nick
Miegl, Bob
Miller, Tyler
Parker, Dan
Pearce, Cal
Roel, Greg
Runyon, Dan
Sandland, Brian
Scolari, Joe
Seffens, Richard
Shughrou, Stephen
Spear, Matthew
Spear, Nicholas
Sterkel, Leroy
Stratton, Skip
Tiszczenko, Greg
Turpit, John
Weber, Michael
Wellington, Michael
Wirtz, Brian
Zouvas, Peter