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RULES CLARIFICATION for Out-of-Bounds on #13 and #17

March 1st, 2023 posted by Paul Albitz

If a ball is hit towards the O.B. stakes on #13 or #17, the following options are available:

  1) if ball is O.B., accept a 2-shot penalty on the tee shot and take a 2 club length relief in the fairway from the point where ball crossed the out-of-bounds line (not necessarily where the ball is found at rest)

  2) hit a provisional from tee box and play the provisional if 1st ball is O.B., or play the original ball if it’s found in bounds

     NOTE: if the provisional is also hit towards O.B., player must hit another provisional from tee box.  Once a provisional is put in-play after first tee ball, the option to take fairway relief is no longer available.  If the player does not play again from the tee box they are DQ’d (except in a Stableford where the player can take a net double bogey for zero points)

Patrick Rolfe Wins President’s Cup

February 17th, 2023 posted by Paul Albitz

Congratulations to Patrick Rolfe for winning the President’s Cup tournament in a card off over Donovan Henson.

White Tee First Flight:  Roy Burchill took 1st place. Lance DeGrazier and Scott Smith tied for 2nd.

White Tee Second Flight: Donovan Henson took 1st place, followed by Tim Ragus and Ronald Scurr.

White Tee Third Flight: Patrick Rolfe took 1st place, followed by Dan Trowbridge. Kirk Ferris and Gerry Susko tied for 3rd.

Green Tee Flight: Patrick Duffy took 1st place, followed by James Posedel and Ed Bastarache.

Blue Herons Across From Golf Course

February 17th, 2023 posted by Paul Albitz

Here are pictures and a drone video from Ivan Dunn of Blue Herons in a tree across the street from the 9 tee box. Counted 13 adult Blue Herons and six nests.

View drone video on YouTube